Introduction to the Trustline Credit Network.

Trustline Credit Network

In 2004 Ryan Fugger created the ripple protocol, which was adopted by the creators of the XRP Ledger in 2012. The XRP Ledger uses the concept of trust lines and issued currencies to represent credit lines backed by fiat reserves held by institutions known as gateways. Issued currencies are redeemable as fiat currency from the issuing gateway. In 2020, Flare Networks proposed a trustless stablecoin issued on the XRP Ledger via Flare smart contracts. Trustline Inc. was established in 2021 to create a crypto credit network that pioneers the issuance of the first trustless stablecoin for everyday payments that settle in 3-5 seconds at a cost of $0.00001.
The Trustline Credit Network enables liquidity providers to mint the Aurei stablecoin and to earn interest from borrowers. Borrowers can borrow Aurei on the Flare network and the XRP Ledger, with other chains supported by Flare. Elements of the protocol's design were inspired by MakerDAO, Compound, and UniSwap.


Aurei (code: AUR, symbol: ₳) is the stablecoin that is created by the protocol liquidity providers. It is an over-collateralized crypto stablecoin that may be backed by Spark (FLR) or other F-assets such as FXRP. Every unit of Aurei corresponds to a unit of an underlying collateral asset maintaining a value greater than $1. In some cases, over-collateralization of 2x or greater is required to ensure that the price of Aurei maintains the peg to the US dollar.


Probity is the decentralized application ("dApp") where users can provide Aurei liquidity for borrowers. The Trustline mobile app sources funds for payments from Probity for every credit-based transaction. Behind the scenes, Probity is calling the Trustline Credit Network smart contracts.

TCN Token

The Trustline Credit Network token (code: TCN, symbol: ₸) is a semi-stable governance token earned by liquidity providers. TCN represents interest earned by lending Aurei. TCN owners vote and decide on proposals by staking a supermajority of TCN. TCN is the first stablecoin to have voting rights. Due to the voting rights, a premium may be placed on the price of TCN. However, it's guaranteed to stay at (or slightly above due to the voting premium) $1 while Aurei retains the peg. Aurei suppliers have the option to withdraw interest in either TCN or AUR.
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