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The Treasury contract holds the stablecoin balance created by equity positions. The balance of treasury address in vaultEngine is represents the amount of stablecoins that are liquid for borrowing. Newly minted stablecoins are owned by the Treasury contract until they are lent out by the Teller contract. Treasury is the contract where user can deposit and withdraw the stablecoin into ERC20 token version of it.



TokenLike public immutable stablecoin
Returns the address of the ERC20 stablecoin used by Treasury
TokenLike public immutable pbt
Returns the address of the ERC20 governance token used by Treasury
VaultEngineLike public immutable vaultEngine
Returns the address of the VaultEngine contract used by Treasury


function deposit(uint256 amount) external
Deposit stablecoin into probity vault
function withdrawStablecoin(uint256 amount) external
Withdraw stablecoin out of probity vault
function transferStablecoin(address recipient, uint256 amount) external
Transfer the stablecoin within the vault to another address
function withdrawPbt(uint256 amount) external
Withdraw PBT balance from vault.
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