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ReservePool contract address represents the probity system's balance sheet in vaultEngine. When an liquidation occurs, reserve pool will take on the debt of the undercollateralized vault and also the proceeds of the auction sale. Reserve Pool will also hold the protocol fees that is accumulated. This contract can initiate an a bond sale through BondIssuer when the system debt has reached a certain threshold to make sure the system stays solvent.



function debtThreshold() returns(uint256 debtThreshold)
Returns the system debt threshold, after which to start selling bonds
function debtOnAuction() returns(uint256 debtOnAuction)
The amount of debt currently on auction


function updateDebtThreshold(uint256 newThreshold) external onlyBy("gov")
Update the debtThreshold variable
function addAuctionDebt(uint256 newDebt) external onlyBy("liquidator")
Increase the debtOnAuction
function reduceAuctionDebt(uint256 debtToReduce) external onlyBy("liquidator")
Reduce the debtOnAuction
function settle(uint256 amountToSettle) external
Reduces the system debt by utilizing the stablecoin that reservePool holds
function increaseSystemDebt(uint256 amountToSettle) external
Increases the systemDebt and increase stablecoin holdings for reservePool
function startBondSale() external
Start a bond Sale
function sendStablecoin(address to, uint256 amount) external onlyBy("gov")
Send reservePool's stablecoin to another address
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