Introduction to the Trustline Network.

The Trustline Network

The Trustline Network is an open-source software stack for payments, lending, and currency exchange built on distributed ledger (blockchain) technology. The Trustline Network uses the XRP Ledger's ripple protocol, created by Ryan Fugger in 2004 and adopted by the creators of the XRP Ledger in 2012. The XRP Ledger's implementation uses the concept of trust lines and issued currencies to represent credit lines backed by fiat reserves held by institutions known as gateways. In 2020, Flare Networks published a proposal for a trustless stablecoin issued on the XRP Ledger via Flare smart contracts. After reading this paper, the founding team established Trustline Inc. in January 2021 to create a full-reserve stablecoin network backed by both real-world assets represented on the XRP Ledger and by crypto assets that are native to the Flare Network. In early 2022, Trustline decided to restrict network access to verified accredited investors in the United States.
Trustline Inc. is a financial technology company and the Trustline app is a digital wallet and payments app developed by Trustline Inc. Furthermore, Trustline Inc. is the principal developer behind Probity, a private credit protocol. The Trustline Network is considered the multi-chain ecosystem, including Probity and all downstream third-party applications. The ripple protocol on the XRP Ledger is the primary payment railway for the Trustline Network because of its incredibly low fees, while Flare is used as the platform for the Trustline Network's private credit fund. The network will not launch until Trustline has acquired all of the applicable licenses from regulators.
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